Monday, March 26, 2012

A Change In Perspective on Mobile Content Creation

Over the past few years, I've championed the idea that smartphones are by-and-large consumption devices; not creation devices.

Someone asked me recently: Do you send email from your smartphone? Isn't that creation?

I suppose that it is. But I typically send bite-sized emails, SMS, and Tweets; not long-form content. But when you also share photos and videos and links and likes and plus-1s, smartphones are clearly creation devices.

This reflection challenged my previous perspective from thinking of content exclusively as robust documents to include rapid-fire info-blurbs. Where now is the dividing line between smartphone content creation expectations and those of laptops and desktops?

This question prompted me to try the previously unthinkable; to write a blog post on my mobile phone. This is clearly long-form, but still distinct from the rich authoring experience I enjoy on my full-fledged computers.

Perhaps then the discussion ought not be about content creation, but rather rich document authoring; the kind that often requires templates, detailed tables, complex layouts or animations, etc.

I managed to survive this little experiment (although I would have rather written this on a proper keyboard and had full formatting options available) and complete thus post on my smartphone while sitting on a bench in a museum. Perspective adjusted.

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